GoNaomi Free 1.66

Translate words in 39 different languages


  • Support for 39 different languages
  • You can pair them any way you want


  • Requires a restart to change language selection
  • Not integrated into browser


Though English speakers don't usually have language problems to browse the web, there are still occasions where you need to translate certain foreign words.

In that case you can use a traditional dictionary o take a faster detour by launching GoNaomi. This app works as a dictionary for 39 different languages and enables you to combine them all in search of the perfect translation. Each language contains about 1,000 entries.

GoNaomi includes popular languages as well as other ones which are not so common, like Tagalog, Ukrainian or Belorussian. You only have to select your source and target languages and enter the terms you're looking for.

On the downside, the program is not embedded into the browser in any way (which would have been easier to translate online texts) and requires a restart every time you change the language selection.

GoNaomi is a fairly complete dictionary with support for quite a high number of languages, but which unfortunately fails to integrate with the browser.



GoNaomi Free 1.66

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